Sunday, March 18, 2007

Where am I?

Who am I? What year is this? What's a "blog"?
Are you kidding me? It's 2007, and I don't have a blog?

Oh yeah... Now I remember... It's because I thought I'd never have time to post often enough. But now after seeing how often you update your blog, I realize it doesn't really matter so much. Thanks!

So, yeah, I guess that's what I'll do... In my spare time, when I'm not busy being a dad, a husband, and a self-employed graphic and website designer, I'll take a few moments to let you know what's happening. After all, it's the least I can do after all you've shared with me.

No promises on how often you'll see an update here, but I'll be looking forward to seeing you around, nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blog world! You are now known as my blog son and I will add you to my blog family link list. Looking forward to reading of your escapades in San Diego. I like the pic of the water tower as it is what I see every time I drive to my parents house on the 125.

cjdotcom said...

Thank you! It is a pleasure to have you as my blog-mom.

And I wondered who would be the first to comment and/or name that picture...
You win the silver dollar!

Thanks again!

Ordinarily Bob said...

I was wondering why you chose that tower. It's an ugly beast, you know?

Heh, regardless, welcome to the blogosphere.