Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'm back! ...Mostly

Yes, I realize you didn't know I was gone...

At the end of April, I started getting the dreaded 'blue screen' errors in Windows. Recognizing this as a sign of imminent doom, I began to back-up my files! Within a day, my computer was completely crashed. (It would reboot continuously, freeze, or not boot at all.)

A very long story, short: I spent hours on the phone with tech support and on hold. I was eventually able to get to a place where I could save all my important files. (Thank you, Jesus!) After reformatting and reinstalling Windows several times, I was granted a new motherboard. It took over a week for the local tech service company to contact me (and only after much harassment from me!), but eventually I got my part!

Programs were installed. Files were transferred. Settings and various utilities have been tweaked and configured.

Finally, after many headaches, my system is restored!

There will still be odds and ends to fix as I get back to business, but all-in-all... I'm back!

Thank you to all my clients and friends, who have been so patient during this time! I promise to answer every e-mail and message that I have not yet.

For now, back to work... Boy, I've got a lot to do!

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Anonymous said...

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